Attorney Sotirov begins his legal career at the end of the 90s in an office, serving the interests of international companies, such as “Coca-Cola”, “McDonald’s”, “Philip Morris”, “Interbrew” and others, on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Since June 2007, he consults and serves investment companies with interests in construction and management of holiday estates on the south Black Sea. In different time periods, the services of attorney Sotirov have been used by construction companies, construction control companies, companies, dealing with trade, accounting and legal non profit persons.

The purpose of attorney office “Sotirov” is providing first-class, accurate and timely service to its clients. The high professionalism and ethics in the relations are at the base of building a long-term partnership with clients and partners of the office.

Law of estate
Contractual law
Commercial law
Administrative law
Domestic and inheritance law